Yearning to Row

What is Yearning to Row?

Have you ever thought about having a go at rowing? Rowing's a wonderful sport and we'd love for you to join us at Runcorn Rowing Club. We're a great club with a good competitive record as well as including room for those who simply wish to row for recreation. We have good boathouse facilities and the best stretch of water in the Northwest.

Our "Yearning to Row" courses are generally held on Sunday mornings from 10:00 -12:00 over a 4-week period that will introduce you to rowing. Qualified British Rowing coaches supported by members of the club lead the courses.

The outcomes of the Yearning to Row are:

• to give the participants sufficient feel for rowing to let them know if rowing's for them

• to understand safe rowing procedures

• to understand basic British rowing technique

• to have a good working knowledge of the sport, both on and off the water

• to have a good time with lots of fun and meet new people

What do you need?

A YTR application form including a declaration of health form duly completed.
• Minimum age of 15 years
• Payment in advance of the £80 course fee (£50 for juniors)
• At some point after the course you will be invited to take part in a Capsize Drill at a local swimming pool.
You must be able to:
• Swim for 100m wearing a T-shirt and leggings
• Tread water for 1 minute
• Touch the bottom of the pool in the 2m end
• Instruction on what to do in the event of a capsize will then be given. Agreeing to complete the capsize drill is mandatory and a condition of joining the course.

The course

Learning to row takes a combination of technique and strength, and you will have the opportunity to develop both. Some coaching will be during water sessions and some will be in the gym using rowing machines (ergos). You may already have experience of ergos in other gyms, and may find that our coaching is different than you have previously had as we use the ergo as a tool to teach you to row on water, and not to just thrash the machine for a fast time.
Week 1            10:00-12:00     Club familiarisation, boat safety etc and ergo technique
Week 2            10:00-12:00    Ergo work and 1st water session
Week 3            10:00-12:00     Ergo work and 2nd water session
Week 4            10:00-12:00     Ergo work and 3rd water session
Week 5            10:00-12:00     Ergo work and 4th water session

Development Phase

If rowing’s for you at the end of 4 sessions, you’ll be asked to join the club where membership fees are currently £264 pa for seniors (£22 per month) or £156 pa for juniors (£13 per month). Plus British Rowing membership at £31 pa (£29 for juniors)

Once you’ve joined the club your tuition will continue seamlessly until three criteria are reached…

a. you feel you’re ready to join the main squads,

b. your coaches think you’re ready to join the main squads,

and c. the men’s, ladies or junior captain thinks you’re ready

This process will take as long as is needed, but is usually around 4-8 weeks

What to wear

In the winter it can get very cold, and you will need to wear layers of light clothing rather than a big padded jacket as this will get in the way. Ideally a long sleeved thermal base layer (as worn by climbers and walkers) under 1 or 2 t-shirts with a sweatshirt (but not a hoodie) and a light waterproof on top will give you the protection you need from the weather.
Stretchy leggings, trackie bottoms or Ron Hill type trousers are ideal NOT JEANS - you will not be allowed on the water in jeans.
A hat is also desirable as your ears can get cold.
In the summer leggings, cycling shorts and t-shirts with a sweatshirt are suitable. Sun cream and baseball caps are required on most days as the sunlight is reflected off the water even when it’s cloudy. Old trainers are suitable as the boats have shoes attached in them and your shoes tend to be left on the side.
You must bring a change of clothes and towel in event of a capsize or heavy rain.

Please complete the online form in order to be added to the waiting list for the next course.

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