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Runcorn Rowing Club said goodbye to 2011 with a flurry of well earned achievements and is now looking forward to great racing in this the Olympic Year


A small contingent of dedicated rowers once again travelled south and took part in the prestigious Vesta’s Scullers Head on the River Thames in early December

This is the largest single-division processional single sculls race in the world and every year attracts entries from all over the country and overseas.

The 4.25mile race was on the championship course from Mortlake to Putney and had over 460 entries from Internationals to Novices.


Sam Edwards achieved a fantastic result. He completed the course in 21.53.07, coming  26th overall and was the second fastest in the Mens Senior 1 category

Juan García Reyes was the 6th fastest in the Mens Elite category, completing in a respectable 22:10:57 and achieved 46th place overall.

George Patrick raced in Intermediate Mens 2.Lightweight category. He achieved a great time of 22:17.43, came second in his category and 54th overall.


At the same time Henry Pettinger-Harte raced further up the Thames at Hampton Small Boats Head.

Racing over 3,000m downstream from Sunbury Lock to Hampton, Henry came 5th in the Mens Junior 17 category. His time of 10:23:1 placed him 97th out of the 664 entries.

Henry is one of three Juniors, with Annie Rogers and Poppy Burgess, who are currently in the Junior GB Trials programme


More locally Runcorn rowers attended the Head of the Float hosted by Liverpool Victoria RC. They raced two 500m legs in the docks at Birkenhead

Dave Street, George Perrin, Kevin Reynolds and Graham Sunners won the Masters D/E Mens Quad category in an amalgamated time of 4mins 24

In the same category, Eric Bennett, John Kervin, Nick Pettet and Damian Parkinson came closely behind in a time of 4mins 44

The Womens Novice Eight having battled extremely windy conditions and racing publically in ‘Sir Roger Bannister’ for the first time, completed in a respectable 6mins 14

The crew members were Lorraine Reynolds (cox), Bethan Royles, Clare Burnside, Catherine  Odita, Beverley Johnstone, Julie Jones, Elizabeth Brohan, Sian Fitzmaurice, Faye Stewart.

They are part of a growing newly established Ladies Competition squad, with an age range of 24 to 51, all from the local community. Six are from the successful ‘Yearning to Row’ scheme and have only been sweep rowing for over 6 month.


Runcorn Rowing Club is now preparing hard for 2012, with its sights set on many local, regional and National events, as well as rowing for pleasure. The first will be the 3000m Boston Head on Sunday 22 January

This will be a challenge as some of the rowers will be attending a charity Rowathon at Tesco’s, in Helsby the day before!


On Saturday 21 January Runcorn Rowing Club/Tesco will be holding a 9 Hour Rowathon at the Superstore to help raise money for both the club and Tesco’s charity, Alzheimer’s Society.

Two teams consisting of Runcorn rowers and Tesco staff, will row against each other on Concept 2 indoor rowing machines, the equivalent distance from Tesco, Helsby to Alzheimer's Regional office, Warrington and back

Between 8 am and 5pm, this joint venture intends to inspire the local community by demonstrating that sport including rowing, can support a healthier life style, be accessed by all ages and abilities, allows you to make new friends in the community and most of all be fun. Do come along and gives some support.

Written by Linda Butterworth


Runcorn Rowing Club scoop Victor Ludorum prize at Northwich Autumn Head with 9 successful wins

The club attended the time trial event, en masse, on Sunday 13 November 2011 , using 2 trailers to transport all their boats.
The 40 strong squad entered all 3 divisions, racing in all categories from experienced Juniors right through to Novice Women

The downstream course was over 2k, on the River Weaver starting at  Vale Royal Locks, Davenham and finishing near Hunts Lock, adjacent to Sir John Deane’s College, Northwich.
Racing in perfect conditions of calm water and sunshine Runcorn had fantastic wins.

Dave Street, one of the Junior Coaches and a Masters rower achieved a personal challenge and won all three races entered.
He won the Masters D Single race in 10.22.6
The Masters D Double with George Perrin in 9.30.8
The Masters E Quad with Eric Bennett, John Kervin, Kevin Reynolds won in a time of 9.10.8

“ It was good to win all three medals but credit must go to the other crew members, who are all training hard as a squad, with a focus to enter many events next year”

Sam Edwards and Juan Garcia Reyes won the Elite Single and IM2 Single categories respectively, being the two fastest singles in times of 9.14.3 and 9.10.4.
Henry Harte won the Junior 17 Single in 9.24.6
George Perrin won the Masters E Single in 10.05.3
Lucy Burgess won Womens Junior 18 Single in 10.10.2 with her sister winning the Womens Junior 16 Single in 10.36.8.

The club is now busily following it’s winter training schedule combining off the water sessions of circuits and ergo work with on the water work at weekends, in order to be ready for the Head races in the new year.
The club offers rowing opportunities for all and has a “Yearning to Row “ scheme in place for the complete beginner.
Many on the scheme go on to race, even after only a short time on the water. A group of novice ladies under the coaching of Brian Bailey raced in two coxed fours at Northwich and successfully completed the course in respectable times.

Womens Masters B coxed Four - Carolyn Newton an experienced rower (stroke), Faye Stewart, Julie Jones, Liz Brohan and Cox Anne Hignell finished in 12.16.4
Novice coxed Four - Bethan Royles, Bev Johnstone, Cath Odita, Sian Fitzmaurice and Cox Lorraine Reynolds finished in 12.41.4

Written by Linda Butterworth

October to November Racing

Mid October to mid November saw Salford Quays, Greater Manchester, the River Thames in London and the River Dee at Chester host the first round of rowing time trial events of the winter season. Runcorn Rowing Club attended these events with their usual gusto, racing in a variety of categories and came away with some hard earned wins.

At Agecroft Small Boats Head, Salford Quays, the club raced in 3 divisions over a 3 km course, with the finish culminating adjacent to the new Media City
Winners were
Lucy Burgess – Womens Junior 18 Single in a time – 12.54.52
Annie Rogers – Womens Junior 17 Single in a time – 13.11.03
Poppy Burgess – Womens Junior 16 Single in a time – 13.45.21
Laura Stock-Caldwell – Womens Junior 15 Single in a time – 15.27.18

Annie Rogers and Poppy Burgess – Womens Junior 17 Double in a time – 12.40.37
Nina Atkinson and Laura Gardiner – Womens Junior 15 Double in a time – 13.09.14

Rowing with Warrington and Agecroft Annie Rogers and Poppy Burgess won Womens Junior 17 Quad in a time of 12.33.82
Nina Atkinson, Laura Gardiner, Laura Stock-Caldwell and Alyssia Hannah with cox Calvin Perchard – Womens Junior 15 coxed Quad in a time – 13.08.68

At the Dee Autumn Head raced on the River Dee at Chester over a 4km course, with racing taking place over two divisions.
Sam Edwards, Marc Pinnington, Henry Pettinger-Harte and George Patrick just missed first place in IM1 Quad by 11 secs and were the second fastest boat in the division in 12.51.6
Eric Bennett, John Kervin, Dave Street and Kevin Reynolds won Masters E Quad in 14.35.00
Juan Garcia Reyes won IM2 Single in 15.17.1 and Elite Single in 13.01.9
Juniors Liam Street and Sam Pettinger-Harte won Mens Senior Novice Double in 15.44.9
Lucy Burgess won Womens Junior 18 Single in 16.13.9
Poppy burgess won Womens Junior Single in 17.46.9
Lucy Burgess, Annie Rogers, Fae Atkinson and Franke Sinnott  won Womens Junior 18 Quad in 13.46.8
Henry Pettinger-Harte won Junior 18 Single in 14.33.2
Liam Street won Junior 16 Single.

Over the weekend of 12 and 13 November the club sent a contingent down to London to race at two prestigious national event on the River Thames

The Fours Head of the River on the Saturday was raced at 11.30, on a four and a quarter mile Championship course - Mortlake to Putney (ie. the Oxford/Cambridge boat race course in reverse).
Sam Edwards, Marc Pinnington, Henry Pettinger-Harte and George Patrick in IM1 Quad came 49th out of 456 crews in a time of 19.40.70
Juniors Matthew Robinson , Lewis Parsons and Luke Roberts racing for the first time on the Thames with Liam Street achieved a good 309th place in 21.59.91 and gained valuable experience.
Junior Women Quad Lucy Burgess, Annie Rogers, Fae Atkinson and Franke Sinnott came 268th in a time of 21.38.06
Stuart Beards, Jay Perrin, Francis Hunt and Mike Bennett  in IM2 Four came 137th in 20.36.31
Junior Coach Val Edwards joined a composite crew with Warrington Gael Tavernier and Trentham/Liverpool Uni BC and came 323rd in a time of 22.10.71

On the Sunday Runcorn crews competed in the Veterans Fours Head over the same course.

Val Edwards with Warrington’s Gael Tavernier joined Rob Roy/Xpress and in a Womens Masters C quad came 66th out of a total of 212 crews, in a time of 22.39.18
In Masters D Quad Pete Newton, Dave Street, Chris Edwards and Kevin Reynolds came 100th in a time of  23.18.88 a much improved result from the previous year.

Written by Linda Butterworth

RRC at Pairs Head of the River 2011

A band of intrepid Runcorn Rowing Club members travelled south last Saturday 8 October 2011 to take part in the annual Pairs Head of the River race. A total of 9 crews competed, all in double sculls, on the River Thames, on a course downstream, on the ebb tide from Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge.

The 4000m time trial race started at 2.30pm and involved 401 crews from all over the country. They boated from Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club, half way along the course and had good rowing conditions.

Runcorn were really pleased with their overall results and Val Edwards rowing with her partner from Warrington RC managed to retain the Womens Masters C Double title for a second year. The ladies intend to travel back to Civil Service Boathouse (Barnes Bridge), London, this Sunday 23 October, to collect their well earned prize from Olympic rower Debbie Flood. She is a Double Olympic silver medallist and three times World Champion in Womens Quadruple sculls (and many times competitor in The Pairs head of the River!)


Sam Edwards/Marc Pinnington came fifth out of 9 in Mens Intermediate 1 Double Scull in 12:20:01. They were the 37th fastest crew overall.
Henry Harte/Luke Ozsanlav-Harris (Grange School) had a time only race in Junior Mens 18 Double Scull, due to a last minute crew change. Their time was 12:28:73 and they came 57th overall.
Sam Harte/Liam Street came sixth out of 9 in the Mens Junior 16 Double Scull in 13:22:19. They were in the top 200 crews and had a good row for their first time on this stretch of the River Thames.
Dave Street/Kevin Reynolds came eighth out of 20 in Mens Masters D Double Scull category in 13:30:51
Franke Sinnott/Fae Atkinson secured fifth place out of 22 in Womens Junior 18 Double Scull category in 13:29:08
Paul Clay (Hollingworth Lake RC)/George Perrin came second in Mens Masters E Double Scull in 12:53:44 and were only 5 seconds off the winners.
Eric Bennett/John Kervin came third in Mens Masters F Double Scull in 13:38:39 and just missed second place by a 50th of a second!
Nina Atkinson/Poppy Burgess came third in Womens Junior 16 Double Scull category in 13:35:99
Val Edwards/Gael Tavernier (Warrington RC) won the Womens Masters C Double Scull category in 13:43:66

The club now has it’s sights on the Fuller’s Head of the River Fours and the Veterans Fours Head again in London on 5 and 6 November 2011 respectively.

Written by Linda Butterworth




Runcorn Rowing club hosted their first time trial of the season and secured 13 wins. The event was held on Saturday 1 October 2011 and was rowed in two divisions, over two courses on the River Weaver

Junior 18, Junior 17, Junior 16, Seniors and Masters raced over a 4,500m course, starting from the White Gate to near Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge. The younger rowers, Junior 15 and below raced over a shorter 2,250m course from Old Moat Wood to Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge.

With 135 entries from clubs all over the North west and as far away as Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough and Trentham, competition was to high standard. It was made all the more special because warm, sunny weather was the order of the day. Dave Street, Runcorn RC Coach said " It was a fantastic day of racing, especially with the weather. It was great to see Runcorn's crews of all ages, doing so well this early on in the Head Season"

Runcorn medal winners were:

Matthew Kilborn – Junior 14 Single Scull in a time of 10mins 28secs 95 over 2,250m course

Val Edwards rowing in a composite with Warrington Gael Tavernier /Xpress/Rob Roy, Womens Intermediate 1 Quadruple sculls won in a time of 17 mins 38secs 93. The ladies were the fastest womens boat of the day.

Henry Harte – was the fastest mens single of the day by winning the Junior 18 single Scull category in 18mins 20secs 17

Liam Street and Sam Harte won the Junior 16 Double category in time of 18mins 26secs 64. They were the 8th fastest boat in the division.

Francis Hunt won the Mens Intermediate 3 Single category in a time of 19mins 07 seconds 95

George Perrin won the Mens Masters E Single category in 19mins 43 secs 27.

Nina Atkinson and Alyssia Hannah won the Womens Junior 15 double in 9mins 10secs 01over the shorter 2,250m course.

Joe Mcnulty, Jakob Freer-Smith, Matthew Kilborn, Patrick Brierley with cox Tom Gardiner, racing over the short course won the Junior 14 coxed Quad category in a time of 9mins 39 secs 13

Dave Street, Seamus Keating, Kevin Reynolds and Graham Sunners won the Masters C/D Quadruple Sculls category in 17mins 14secs 84 and were the fourth fastest boat in the division.

Val Edwards with Warrington's Gael Tavernier won the Womens Senior Double in a time of 19mins 29secs 83

Fae Atkinson and Franke Sinnott won Womens Junior 18 Double Sculls in 19mins 35secs 75

Lucy Burgess was the fastest women single sculler of the day, winning her category Womens Junior18 Single in a time of 19mins 36secs 10

Poppy Burgess won the Womens Junior 16 Single Scull category in a time of 20mins 16secs 30

All winners received Runcorn's new styled enamelled medals, representing the club's new logo and engraved glass goblets were present to the overall fastest crews.

Photos from the event

Written by Linda Butterworth




With over 25 rowers entered in various categories, Runcorn Rowing Club achieved a high accolade recently by winning the Chester Long Distance Sculls Victor Ludorum.

Runcorn attended Royal Chester Rowing Club annual head race on Sunday 25th September 2011. Racing was against the clock, over a 5km downstream course on the River Dee, from Eccleston Ferry to the Groves, Chester The club entered single, double and quadruple categories and raced in 2 divisions. The event attracted over 300 competing crews. The club had 10 wins overall and some outstanding performances. The Victor Ludorum prize for the most successful club, was proof of Runcorn's overall racing calibre and shows their commitment to training does pay off. Club members have the opportunity to train 2- 3 times during the week, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings, utilising a beautiful 10km stretch of the River Weaver.

Anyone interested may wish to join Runcorn's Yearning to Row Scheme to get a taster of what is involved. Details can be found on the Yearning to Row page here.


Left to Right - Poppy Burgess, Laura Gardiner, Alyssia Hannah and Lucy Burgess – all winners at Chester Long Distance Sculls. Lucy is holding a plaque which was presented by Royal Chester Rowing Club to Runcorn Rowing Club, for being the overall winners of the event's Victor Ludorum.


Sam Edwards – winner of Mens Intermediate 1 Single Sculls completed the course in 19mins 16 secs 50 and was the third fastest mens sculler of the day. James Perrin – won Mens Intermediate 2 Single Sculls in a time of 19 mins 45 secs 09, a good minute ahead of his nearest opposition from Hollingworth Lake. Henry Harte – won the Junior 17 Single Sculls in 19mins 46 secs 59 nearly 14 seconds ahead of the Grange. George Perrin – came first in Masters E Single Sculls in a time of 21 mins 05 secs 05 over 40 seconds faster than Grosvenor Marc Pinnington and Sam Edwards – achieved a win in the Intermediate 1 Double Sculls completing in 18mins 12 secs 06 and were the fastest senior double. George Perrin and Paul Clay won Masters D/E/F handicap Double Sculls in 19 mins 34 secs 00 Henry Harte and Mike Bennett – came first in the Intermediate 3 Double sculls in a time of 18mins 29 secs 02, 30 seconds ahead of Derby Laura Gardiner, Alyssia Hannah, Eleanor Hayes and Laura Stockwell, with cox Laura Grieve, won the Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quad in 20mins 31 secs 08 Lucy Burgess won the Womens Junior 18 Single category in a time of 21 mins 00 secs 05 beating nearest opposition Hollingworth Lake by over a minute and was the fastest women's sculler of the day Poppy Burgess was the winner of Womens Junior 16 Single category winning in 21 secs 53 secs 09 nearly a minute faster than Warrington. Liam Street, Sam Pierce, Sam Harte and David McLellan performed well and came second in the Junior 16 Quad Sculls category, only 19 seconds behind winners York John Kervin and Eric Bennett came second to fellow club mates in the Masters D/E/F Double Sculls in a time of 20 mins 26 secs 04 Fae Atkinson and Franke Sinnott came second in Womens Junior 18 Double in a time of 20 mins 15 secs 05.

Written by Linda Butterworth


Runcorn Rowing Club has been busy over the summer period, competing in many events ranging from the international arena down to regional regattas here at home. As well as medals, many of the rowers came home with great racing experiences, which will stand them in good stead for their rowing careers next year

On the international theme – Lucy Burgess represented Great Britain at the 2011 World Rowing Junior Championships, held at the Olympic course, Eton Dorney Lake in August. She was selected to row in the Junior GB Women's Quadruple Scull and was one of eight young women called up for GB and joined Katie Bartlett (from Nottingham RC), Jessica Leyden (Hollingworth Lake RC) and Klara Weaver (Latymer School, London). The crew achieved a fantastic win by coming first in the B Final. A group of Runcorn rowers also attended the Championships but in a spectators capacity, just to experience the flavour of World class rowing prior to the Olympics next year. Annie Rogers with Dart Totnes partner Emma Reiser represented GB at the Coupe de la Jeunesse at Linz-Ottesheim in Austria at the end of July. Over the two day competition, they won their heat of the Junior Womens Double Sculls, with a 6th place in the final. Followed by a second place in their heat with a 4th place in the final.

Early in September Runcorn's Amy Grieve was one of 17 Reading University students, who competed at the 7th European University Sports Association Rowing Championships, Moscow. She experienced high quality racing at an event with nearly 400 competitors from 14 countries and over 50 different universities and came home with a Gold. Rowing in the light weight womens quad , they won the final beating an EUSA experienced Polish crew.

More locally Runcorn competed at Stourport and Ross on Wye two day regattas during the month of August. Both were attended on mass, with rowers from juniors to masters competing across a wide range of categories. At Stourport the Saturday wins were Marc Pinnington and Sam Edwards won the Open Intermediate Double Sculls. Dave Street and Seamus Keating won easily the Open Masters C Double Sculls. Sam Edwards in the Open Elite Single Sculls. The Sunday wins were Toni Edwards, Lucy Burgess, Sam Edwards and Hugo Norris in the Mixed Intermediate 1 Mixed Quad. Marc Pinnington and Sam Edwards in the Open Intermediate 2 Double Sculls. Dave Street and Seamus Keating in the Open Masters C Double Sculls. Seamus Keating in the Open Masters E Single Sculls. Hugo Norris in the Open Junior 17 Single sculls. At Ross, the club won the Masters D Mixed Quad – Pete Newton. Carolyn Newton, Chris Wheatley and Anne Hignell. Eric Bennett, John Kervin, Dave Street and Chris Edwards won the Masters E Quad. Henry Harte and George McCormick won the Junior 16 Double. Poppy Burgess won the Womens Junior 15 Single and with Nina Atkinson the Womens Junior 15 Double.

Written by Linda Butterworth


More Results from 2011

British Rowing Championships 2011

Runcorn Rowing Club attended the annual British Rowing Championships again this year and proudly came home with medals.

Racing in many of the main race categories, Runcorn rowers experienced high calibre racing, in time trials, eliminator races, semis and finals against crews from all over Great Britain. The weather conditions over the 6 laned, 2000m course ranged from sunshine, with little wind to rain with windy squalls over the 3 days period, making for exciting racing. All the crews performed well, securing three silvers and a bronze in the finals with good credible results elsewhere.


Annie Rogers with Dart Totnes partner Emma Reiser achieved Silver in the Womens Under 23 Double final and a credible 5th place in the Womens Double Sculls final. They are going on to represent GB at the Coupe de la Jeunesse at Linz-Ottesheim in Austria over the weekend of 29th - 31st July. They will be accompanied by Runcorn's Val Edwards, who has been selected by GB Rowing to coach them.

Henry Harte had a well earned Silver medal in the Open Junior 16 Single.

Phil Beattie and Alistair Hudson-Kirkham achieved Silver in Open Under 23 Double Sculls George Patrick and Alistair Young in a Grange School/Royal Chester composite came third in the Open Junior Quad sculls and received a bronze medal

Sam Edwards and Alistair Hudson-Kirkham in composite with Royal Chester came third in the Open Quad Sculls final.

Alyssia Hannah (Bow) Eleanor Hayes, Laura Gardiner, Nina Atkinson (stroke) and cox Laura Grieve achieved a credible 4th place in the Womens Junior 14 coxed Quad final.

Rosa Atkinson with sister Fae in a composite with Warrington achieved 5th place in Womens Junior Quad Sculls

Poppy Burgess came 5th in Womens Junior 15 single final

George McCormick came 14th in the Junior 15 Single time trial and just missed qualifying for the semis by 2 places.

Liam Street and Sam Pierce came 5th in the opening events of the Junior 15 Double Sculls.

Finally George Perrin joined a Derby crew and attended the Henley Masters Regatta early in July. The Runcorn Derby composite were only beaten in the final by Durham ARC. Racing was on first 1000m of the Royal Henley course against national and international crews.



Runcorn Rowing Club has been busy over the past few weeks attending Junior GB Trials and competing in various Head races over the country

Lucy Burgess has been selected to represent GB at the International Junior Regatta, Munich 7/8 May in the Womens Quadruple and Double Sculls She has secured this place by achieving great results at all the GB Trials and at the Spring Assessments won all her seat racing and came 5th overall. Lucy said " I am really pleased to have been selected to row for Junior GB at Munich. It will be the first time the Junior Team will see foreign competition, the standards will be high but we determined to come back with a medal, if not more" Her success continues.

Whilst at another series of Trials at the Small Boats Head, Dorney Lake, Eton and despite a capsize, Lucy triumphed by coming 1st in the B Final. Annie Rogers has also progressed well through the GB Trial process, coming 13th at Spring Assessments, being invited to Small Boats Trials, where she came 3rd in the B Final

Alistair Young after Spring Assessments also attend Small Boats Trials at Dorney, coming 2nd in the D Final.


Northwich Head

Northwich Head took place on the River Weaver on a downstream 2300m course, attracting a large entry, giving great competition. Runcorn took a full compliment of 38 rowers covering all categories and all ages. The 11 wins were

Mens IM3 Eight – Matthew Hackett, Mike Dixon, Graham Sunners, James Perrin, Marc Pinnington, Luke Roberts, Stuart Beards and Francis Hunt stormed the course in time of 7 mins 51 secs 66 and were the 4th fastest crew of the day Mens

IM3 Coxless Quad – Sam Edwards, Hugo Norris, Ben Reeves and Henry Harte won in a time of 8 mins 04 secs 96 and were the 5th fastest crew of the day.

Mens Junior 17 Double – Hugo Norris and Ben Reeves completed in 8 mins 56 secs 12

Mens Masters F Double – Eric Caldwell and George Perrin won their category in a time of 9mins 03 secs 87

Mens Junior 16 Double – Henry Harte and Mathew Robinson won in a time of 9mins 10 secs 34

Mens IM3 Double – Francis Hunt and Luke Roberts won their category in 9mins 16 secs 78

Mens Junior 17 Single – Hugo Norris won his category in 9mins 49secs 20

Mens Masters E Single – George Perrin won in 10 mins 05 secs 73

Womens Junior 15 Double – Poppy Burgess and Nina Atkinson won in a time 10 mins 16 secs 33

Mens Junior 13 Coxed Quad - Jakob Freer-Smith, Joseph McNulty, Matthew Kilborn, Patrick Brierley from Warrington RC and Cox George McCormick won their event as a crew in a time of 11 mins 20 secs 49

Womens Junior 14 Single – Nina Atkinson won her category in a time of 11 mins 22 secs 49

Strathclyde Park Regatta

Runcorn headed north to start the Regatta season and attended the annual two day Strathclyde Park Regatta held on the eight lane rowing lake at the Scottish Rowing Centre, Motherwell, a venue currently bidding to Fisa (The World Governing Body for Rowing) for the World Rowing Championships in 2015 They competed against 32 different clubs from all over Scotland, which also included 7 other English clubs. Despite wet and windy weather on the Saturday, the team compliment of 7 rowers, raced the 2000m course and came home with 5 medals

Mens Restricted 2 Quad Sculls – Sam Edwards (18) Hugo Norris (Junior 17) Henry Harte (Junior 16) and Liam Street ( Junior 15 ) rowing in that order, won Gold easily by 5 lengths.

For Henry and Liam this was their first win at Senior category.

Mens Restricted 1 Double Sculls – Sam Edwards and Hugo Norris achieved Gold easily

Mens Veteran B Restricted 2 Double Sculls – Dave Street and Chris Edwards won Gold easily

Mens Veteran DE Single Sculls – Dave Street secured a well earned Silver

Mens Junior 16 Single Sculls – Henry Harte won a well deserved Bronze after loosing his blade 200m from the finish.

Liam Street and Sam Harte joined composite double sculls crews with Scottish Club Castle Semple and came second and fourth respectively.

Merseyside Regatta

The club then attended their first local regatta, hosted by Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club at Birkenhead Docks and raced over a 500m course.

Mens IM3 Coxless Quad - Luke Roberts, Henry Harte, Matthew Robinson and Francis Hunt secured a win against Lancaster easily.

Mens Masters E/F Double – Eric Bennett and John Kervin beat opposition Liverpool Victoria by 3/4 of a length.

Womens Junior 15 Double - Nina Atkinson and Poppy Burgess beat Royal Chester easily

Womens Junior 14 Single –Nina Atkinson beat Warrington easily.

All winners were presented Gold medals for their achievements


Mens Junior 13 Coxed Quad gained their first Regatta medal by securing a Silver in their final - Jakob Freer-Smith, Joseph McNulty, Thomas Vaughan, Matthew Kilborn with cox George McCormick.


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