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Northwich Autumn Head

Runcorn attended en masse to on Sunday 14 November, entering 23 crews and coming home with four winning medals and seven second places. The event was held on the River Weaver, between Vale Royal Lock and Hunts Locks, just up-stream of Northwich town center. Racing a distance of 2350m over 3 divisions.

Medalists were Masters D coxless Quad - Peter Newton, Damian Parkinson, Dave Snelson and Chris Wheatley in 9 min 32.20

Masters D Double - Dave Street and Seamus Keating in 9min 39.34

Women's Junior 18 Double - Ciara Haymer and Fae Atkinson in 9min 54.16

Masters E Single - George Perrin in 9 min 57.83

 Crews that secured second places were Masters D coxless Quad - Marcus Shaw, Nick Pettet, Howard Harte and Steve Parsons in a time of 10min 37.98.


For both Howard and Steve this was their first event after learning to row on Runcorn RC's 'Yearn to Row' scheme. So well done Lads!

Women's Junior 18 single - Ciara Haymer in 11mins 12.27

Women's Junior 18 Single - Fae Atkinson in 10mins 31.96

Women's Junior 14 Double - Laura Stock-Caldwell and Sadie Burgess in 12min 15.76

Junior 15 Double - Liam Street and Sam Pierce in a time of 9min 48.91

Junior 14 Double - Sam Harte and Alyssia Hannah in a time of 10min 25.37

Masters E coxless Quad - Dave Street, Seamus Keating, Bernie Meagan (Royal Chester) and Eric Caldwell in a time of 8mins 58.13 and were the 11th fastest crew of the day. The crew was pleased with their row, as for some of them it was the first time they had raced together in 25 years. On a poignant note Northwich RC kindly loaned the crew a boat called Bill Shuff, named after a Northwich rower, no longer with us. Bill had coached three of them in the past, when they were members of Northwich. To the crew this made their race all that more special, by rowing in his memory.

Mixed Masters E Quad - Heather Hatt, Simon Leach, Jane Parkinson and Ed Burrows performed well and achieved third place in a time of 11min 10.67.


For Simon and Ed it was first time back racing for 10 years and 5 years respectively. Simon said " It's good to be back in a boat after so many years. Ed's and my return is down to the encouragement of our fellow crew members" "It's good to see new adult rowers and former rowers out racing competitively. Rowing is such a great sport for all ages."


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